How Can I Get Alimony and Child Support If I Don’t Know How Much Money My Spouse Makes?

In some cases it is easier to determine alimony and child support because the person paying the support is a salary employee. In such a case all the money that is earned, included bonuses is known by the parties.

If the spouse, who is to be paying support has his or her own business or works “off the books” the services of a forensic accountant may be necessary. When the service of a forensic accountant is utilized an evaluation of the payor’s business or employment is done. Additional items, not just what is reported on an income tax return are taking into consideration. Particular attention is paid to an analysis of the parties’ lifestyle.

Although there is a cost involved in hiring a forensic accountant; in the majority of our cases the benefit is outweighed by the cost. Our firm would evaluate your case prior to determining if a forensic accountant is right for you. In many situations the spouse who has access to the funds pays for all of the accounting.

Sometimes a forensic accountant may not be necessary and the services of a private investigator may be used. Whatever the case- we will do our best to find  out what your spouse is hiding and make sure you receive the support you are entitled to receive.

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