Driving While Intoxicated


A DWI conviction, or conviction for refusal to take an alcohol test, is a serious offense in New Jersey, involving fines, penalties, surcharges, mandatory loss of license and even, in some cases, jail time. You only want to contact DWI attorneys or DUI lawyers for this kind of infraction. There are some excellent DWI lawyers in Bergen county and DUI attorneys in New Jersey; our firm has a few of them.

If the blood alcohol level is between .08 and .10, the license suspension is 3 months; over .10 it is 7 months for a first offense. A second offense results in a two-year suspension with up to 90 days in jail, and a third offense results in a 10-year suspension with up to 6 months in jail. For subsequent offenses, you may also be required to install an ignition lock in your vehicle that will test your breath before driving.

The only way that the New Jersey DWV tests your BAC, or Blood Alcohol Level, in the field is with a Breathalyzer. For a full list of all fines and charges associated with DUI offenses, please visit their website.

In addition, it is important to note that underage drinking may result in a six month delay in getting a license, and that any alcohol related offenses require participation in an alcohol screening and evaluation program. This means that you will typically be subjected to urine tests and other tests if you test positive on a breathalyzer.

While it is hard to remember in the heat of the moment, it is to your advantage to contact a lawyer before such tests are administered if this is at all possible for you. Some tests may be optional and may make you look bad if other factors such as your body weight, etc. are not taken into account during such tests. Disproving these tests in court may involve the use of expensive expert witnesses.

It cannot be stressed enough that this is not a case that you want to hire a paralegal or other form of inexpensive legal assistance for. You need someone right there with you who has experience with these offenses. We are that firm. A DUI offense can carry criminal charges, traffic violations, and civil penalties. Minimize your exposure to all three with proper representation.

There is no such thing as a limited driving license in New Jersey – not even for driving to work. It is important to have the advice of an attorney when facing such serious consequences.

Click on this link for all DWI fines, surcharges and penalties.