Driving While Suspended

This is a serious offense that can carry high fines ($500 for first offense, $750 for second offense, $1,000 for third offense) and an additional 6 month suspension of driving privileges. Get your license reinstated by calling our firm to begin the process. We are home to some of the best traffic ticket lawyers in New Jersey.

Suspensions may have been imposed on you for varying reasons. They include:

Failure to Pay Parking Violations: If you do not pay a violation fine or fail to appear in court, your license may be suspended.

Failure to Pay Insurance Surcharges: There is no opportunity to appeal if your license is suspended for failure to pay surcharges if they are charged to you by the New Jersey DMV. Retaining a traffic violation attorney can help to avoid non-payment which can lead to this dire consequence.

Failure to Appear in Municipal Court: Licenses may be suspended by a municipal court if you do not pay fines or appear for any municipal court date.

Criminal and Juvenile Justice Code Sanctions: Multiple criminal code violations can bring with them license suspensions. Juveniles may have their licenses suspended for graffiti or other violations.

Failure to Pay Child Support: If you fail to pay child support and are a resident of the state of New Jersey, your license can be suspended.

Driving Under Suspension: The suspension will likely be extended if you are caught driving under it.
If the underlying suspension was for DWI, there will be a 1-2 year license suspension. For repeat offenses, the court may impose a jail sentence between 5 days and 6 months. Surcharges, or additional fines, may also be imposed by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

Continuing to drive while your license is suspended is not recommended. In addition to heavy fines, you could be facing up to five years in jail. You are also responsible for surrendering your physical license if the judge did not take it from you in court.

A lawyer can help determine the underlying cause of your suspension, help you restore your driving privileges and negotiate a plea bargain with the municipal prosecutor. New Jersey attorneys like those in our firm are very knowledgeable about DWI offences and similar charges and we will do our best to minimize your damages as much as possible.