Moving Violations | Points


Most motor vehicle violations carry points that are assessed against your driving record, varying from 2 points (speeding up to 14mph over the limit, going through a stop sign, careless driving, etc.) to 5 points (such as passing a school bus, tailgating and racing on the highway). A full list of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission points schedule is available on their website.

If you get 12 or more points on your driving record, your license will be suspended. If you accumulate six or more points on your record within a three year period, you are assessed a surcharge by the MVC, which is payable in addition to any fees or fines that you may have paid out to do with the violation itself. The surcharge is meant to be a penalty for multiple offenders.

Surcharges can include any one of the following:

$100 for driving without a license
$250 for driving with a suspended license
$100 for failure to insure a moped
$250 for operating an uninsured vehicle
$1,000 for DUI, 3 years
$1,000 for Refusal to take breathalyzer test, 3 years

For appropriate reasons, the local prosecutor may agree to a plea bargain that reduces the points or, in some cases, eliminates all points. Negotiating with the prosecutor is one of the most important jobs your traffic violation lawyer can do for you in municipal court. A traffic violation attorney that knows the municipal prosecutor or, in the absence of such a relationship, has extensive experience in such negotiations is key in obtaining the best result possible.

If you are looking at losing points on your insurance, you could be paying more in insurance premiums for the rest of your life, depending on the offence involved. We highly recommend hiring a professional to save yourself the long-term expense that a lack of negotiation can cost you. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission maintains that driving is a privilege and not a right and you will be assigned points by them if you do not have a well put together defense crafted expertly by a traffic violation attorney.

Our service is of a higher caliber than the many “ex-cop” traffic violation services that advertise locally. While they do a great job with minor violations, they may not have the same finesse that our firm has when dealing with more intricate cases. Contact us today to find out what the difference in our service is like.

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Click on this LINK for a complete list of points in the NJ DMV motor vehicle point system.