Possession of Drugs


A two-year loss of the driving license is mandatory for a conviction of possession of drugs while driving a motor vehicle in the state of New Jersey. If you qualify for an intervention program, these charges can be avoided with any one of our criminal defense lawyers.

If you are stopped for a routine check by police or for any other reason and illegal drugs are found in your car, it does not matter how many passengers you have or who they are. The police officer is trained to look at you as the guilty party first. You definitely need an experienced criminal defense attorney if you have been charged with this serious and potentially life-damaging offense.

There have been many cases where friends are driving people home from school or work and drugs are found in the car either directly afterwards or the drugs are found and the driver is charged. We will help you build a solid defense to ensure that your innocence is maintained. If you are guilty, we will try on your behalf to obtain the best possible outcome.

Drugs that are commonly seen in cases like this are marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methadone, ecstasy, and common prescription drugs such as painkillers that are obtained on the black market or through theft.

If there are large quantities of drugs involved, the case will be a trafficking case. If this happens, you need the best representation on your side that you can hire. Our firm is that representation.

These cases involve two sets of laws; the criminal code and traffic laws. We will carefully examine the case and decide whether to try each separately or together for the best outcome.

Criminal defense lawyers and criminal defense attorneys routinely handle cases of drug possession. Gina’s practice consists of some of the more respected criminal attorneys in Bergen county and Bergen county criminal defense lawyers. Our criminal defense attorneys from Oradell will help you explore all options available to you if you are charged with this particular offense.